General Questions

How much does Transana cost?

What is your upgrade policy?

I am a software reseller and want to purchase Transana for a client. What’s the best way to do that?

What are the minimum system requirements for Transana?

Installation / Getting Started

How do I learn to use Transana?

How do I get my data ready for use with Transana?

I am on Windows 10 with the Creators Update and I cannot install Transana. What can I do?

When I try to install Transana on OS X, I get the message “Transana can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” What do I do?

Upgrading Software or Hardware

I want to upgrade Transana. What do I need to do?

I just got a new computer. How do I move my Transana data?

Video-Related Questions

What video and audio formats does Transana support?

Does Transana support HD video? – or –
Why is my video playback jerky and uneven or skips?

Transana doesn’t seem to support the video format I’m trying to use, even though it’s on the list of supported video formats.

Is there a workaround that allows Transana to work with unsupported video?

I hear that QuickTime Player on Windows is a security risk and is being discontinued. What should I do?

Transcript-Related Questions

Can Transana produce a transcript for me?

I’m having some trouble inserting time codes. How should I do it?

Database-Related Questions

Where does Transana store my data? or
I’ve been looking for my transcript file and I can’t find it; or
How do I copy my data to a new computer?

How do I back up by data?

Other Questions

I want to access my data from several computers. Is that possible? Do I need to buy more than one copy of Transana to do that?

Can I use single-user Transana with DropBox, Box, or similar services to share the database between computers?

My research project involves people who are working in different locations. Can Transana help us collaborate on our analysis?

Is it possible to use Transana in a computer lab, where they wipe the hard drives every night?

Are there foot pedals that work with Transana?

Is there a way to export Transana data to a statistical package for mixed-methods analysis?

What about a version of Transana for my iPad, Andoid tablet, or smart phone?

What is the appropriate reference for Transana that I should include in my scholarly work?

My question isn’t addressed here. How do I get technical support for Transana?