Transana Cloud Service


Transana Multiuser and the Transana Cloud Service

Transana is software for the qualitative analysis of text, still image, and media data.

Transana Multiuser is a powerful version of Transana that allows teams of researchers to share their analytic data collaboratively.  Everyone on the research team has access to the same data at the same time, regardless of location.  When one person makes a change in the data, that change appears instantly on computers of everyone else on the team who is connected to the data.

What is the Transana Cloud Service?

The multiuser version of Transana requires a server to make sharing data this way possible.  Some projects have the resources to set up their own servers, but others do not.

The Transana Cloud Service is a subscription-based service that allows research teams to take advantage of the power of Transana Multiuser without their own servers.  These projects can use the Transana Cloud Service as their server.

Please note that your media files, the video, audio, and still image files you collect during data collection, are not stored on the Transana Cloud Service and need to be available on your own computer or network. Video files, in particular, are extremely large and the internet is simply not fast enough to adequately deliver video as required for analysis in Transana. As a result, each member of your collaboration needs fast access to your project’s media data files.

While Transana has secure file transfer built in, most projects find that secure file sharing services such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and iCloud are more convenient for sharing media files with colleagues.

Is the Transana Cloud Service secure?

Yes, it’s secure.  Each project has its own database and can control access to their data through setting up project user accounts.  Nobody will have access to your data without your permission. All connections to the Transana Cloud Service are fully encrypted.

How much does it cost?

The Transana Cloud Service is available under the following plans:

Plan Total Cost Cost per month
12 month plan US$ 360 $30
6 month plan US$ 210 $35
3 month plan US$ 120 $40
1 month plan US$ 50 $50
Initial Setup Fee US$ 50 One-time fee with continuous service

How do I sign up?

The first step is to download, sign, and return the . Please include all pages in your return e-mail, not just the signature page.

Once you have returned the agreement,