Make a Purchase

Purchasing Transana through the web site involves these steps.

  1. Fill out the pages that follow. You will identify the Researcher who will use Transana and the Purchaser who will pay for Transana. (This may be the same person.)

  2. Pay using a credit card or PayPal, or request an invoice if necessary.

    If you are not able to pay by credit card or PayPal, you may request an invoice and pay by bank check, domestic ACH transfer, International ACH Transfer (IAT), or wire transfer. For wire transfers, we require a minimum order of US $140, and a US $50 processing fee to partially offset our costs.

  3. Once we receive your payment, our system will generate two e-mails, one to the Researcher with download instructions, and one to the Purchaser that serves as your purchase receipt.

    If you do not receive the appropriate e-mail(s) within a few minutes of completing your purchase with a credit card or PayPal, please use the to ask for further assistance. (Some e-mail systems may block our delivery messages as spam.)

Student Purchasers of Transana Basic:

We offer a 50% student discount off Transana Basic under the following conditions:

  • You are currently enrolled. (Verification is required.)

  • This copy of Transana Basic is for your personal and educational use only. (Not for use as part of your student employment, or for another person.)

  • Discounted purchases are not eligible for future upgrades.

  • To request the student discount transaction code, please send a copy of your student ID and proof of current registration to using your official university e-mail address. We'll send you the transaction code within 24 hours. Please wait to make your purchase until you receive the code, or you will be charged full price.

  • If you are purchasing Transana as part of a class, your student status has already been confirmed, and you can use the transaction code from your instructor to make your purchase.

Wisconsin Purchasers only:

(Purchasers ourside of Wisconsin are not charged sales tax, so may skip this.)

Does your purchase meet all of the following conditions?

  • The purchase is by an organization, not by an individual. – AND –

  • That organization is sales tax exempt. – AND –

  • That organization’s legal address is in Wisconsin.

If you meet these criteria, check to see if your sales tax exemption certificate is on file.

By entering a CES Number here, you certify that this purchase is legally eligible to use the Certificate of Exempt Status referenced here.

(Please note that purchases by individuals with a Wisconsin address are not eligible for sales tax exemption. We are not required to collect sales tax from individuals and organizations located outside of Wisconsin.)